What are wall decals?

A line of original self adhesive vinyl wall decals created for people who are looking for something different and who don’t have to worry if they want to change their décor even years later. Decorative Decals are a great alternative to wallpaper, paint, stickers and stencils and are much easier to apply. Within literally minutes you can change the look of an entire room. Best of all, they are removable, no mess, no fuss.

Where is Decorator Decals located?

We are located in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the USA!

What other surfaces can the decals be applied too?

Just about any smooth surface. Ceilings, windows, mirrors, tables, glass, concrete, tile, plastic, finished wood.

How do I apply my decals?
Instructions can be found on our instructions page.

What if the size I want is not shown?

Use our Custom Quote Form and a description of the item you want and we'll get you a quote right away.

Will the decals damage my walls or leave a residue?

Decorator decals remove easily by putting a fingernail or craft knife under the edge and slowly peeling them off. If you are having any problems try applying heat with a hair dryer on low to heat the decal first. Our  decals do not leave any residue.

Although very rare, due to the many variations in wall surfaces Decorator Decals cannot guarantee the condition of all wall surfaces before or after applying our decals and minor wall touch ups may be required to restore wall to original condition.

How long should I wait before applying decals to newly painted walls?
Leave your newly painted surfaces cure for at least three weeks before applying  wall decals.

What surfaces should I not apply the decals too?
Our wall decals should not be applied to highly textured or rough surfaces like stucco or fabric or paper covered walls, like wallpaper. The decals are not removable from these surfaces.

Can you put decals in the bathroom?

Sure, and they look great. Just make sure the wall is dry before applying. The decals can take the humidity!, you can stick them on the tiles or tub!.

What is your return policy?

Please see our policies page.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Most major credit cards and Paypal.

Can I reuse them?

Our wall decals are made from a very thin vinyl and cannot be reused.

Are you ever out of stock?

All of our decals are made to order, they are fresh and never out of stock.

Can I get a custom order ?

We would be happy to quote on any custom order. Please use our Custom Quote From.

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